#TeamEpic Fantasy for the Win!


Are you ready to take a side on what type of fantasy you like? Time to decide whether you are #TeamEpic (which you gotta be) or #TeamUrban!

Entangled Teen is holding an event that I’m apart of. They thought it might be fun to make a friendly little wager and pit authors and fans of epic fantasy against authors and fans of Urban Fantasy. Naturally, since GARDEN OF THORNS is an epic fantasy, I’m one of the authors on #TeamEpic! I’m in good company too but I’ll announce the other authors tomorrow after they’ve announced themselves!entteen-urbanbattleepic560x315opt3

It’s going to be a fun week long event starting with a LIVE twitter chat tomorrow night (Feb 28,2017) at 9 PM EST. All the authors from both teams will be taking questions and chatting for the entire hour.

There are also going to be lots of posts on a bunch of different blogs and plenty of smack talk so make sure you grab your badge below and show your love for epic fantasy with me!


Do you like the gritty realism of #TeamUrban fantasy or do you like to be swept away into lush new worlds like #TeamEpic?

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