#WeShipIt Live Twitter Chat and Prom Photo


Entangled Teen is going to be doing another live twitter chat this evening at 9 PM ET and I’m excited to be participating again! This time around a bunch of Entangled Teen authors will be chatting about various couples we ship. We’ll be chatting about movies, books, t.v. shows and more! It’ll be a great chance to join in the fun, ask us questions and a way for us to get to know you guys.

Make sure to use the hash tag #WeShipIt during the chat so we can catch your questions and you can see our responses!

Entangled Teen will also be giving away some prizes (US only) to those who participate so make sure to come talk to us about all your favorite ships! And if you happen to mention Rose and Rayce, I’ll love you forever because I definitely ship them!


Prom Photo

In honor of another fellow Entangled Teen author, Cindi Madsen, whose book Operation Prom Date came out this week, Entangled asked us to share prom photos. I went looking through my old things and found photos from when I went to prom as a sophomore.  The guy in the photos who took me to his junior prom is now my hubby. We met young but knew we were crazy about each other from the beginning.

prom 1.PNG
Even though this isn’t a flattering picture, I’ve always loved it. It was the first time I actually stopped to breath that day. That mess in the background was my bedroom!
prom 2.PNG
We had dinner at the fanciest restaurant we could afford…Carrabba’s! My french braid is pure magic with my braces.


prom 3.PNG
We’re right outside of the prom here.

Admittedly, I was pretty nervous about the whole affair since I was part of a younger class and none of my friends from my grade were coming. But the evening turned out fine and I had nothing to worry about. Funny enough, I’ve never been a big fan of pink but something about that dress, actually it was the back since it was open, made me fall in love with it.

It’s so strange looking at these photos. My husband and I both look so young!


Make sure to check out Operation Prom Date by Cindi Madsen and share your prom pictures with us!

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