It Smells Like…Books!



Yesterday, something awesome happened. Though, if I’m being honest, it feels like every day something awesome is happening. But yesterday, I got a spiffy package that made my day. I was pretty sick so I didn’t really think too much on it when our friends let us know that we had received something. As I ripped open the package and peeled back the brown paper, I saw my cover and pretty much freaked out. I got to hold my book in my hands!



It has my title on it, my cover is gorgeous and it has my name on it! I’m still in shock. This is a moment I’ve been dreaming about forever but I wasn’t prepared for all the mixed emotions that overcame me when I opened the book and saw Rayce and Rose’s names in print. I mean, it smells like a book.


GARDEN OF THORNS is now available to pre-order of Amazon as an ebook and as a trade paperback (you can have one that looks exactly like to one in my pictures).

Also, in a few days I’ll be getting in some awesome book swag including postcards and bookmarks. Keep your eyes peeled for a nifty giveaway in the future!

Currently, I’m working on sitting up a book launch party at The Vero Beach Book Center. When I get more information, I’ll share it but it is looking like it will be March 22nd at 6 PM (as far as I know). It’s going to be one big celebration–there will be food, drinks, a little of me talking and a whole lot of books. I hope to see you there if you can make it.


Thanks so much to everyone who has supported me thus far. This really is a dream come true and all of your words of encouragement have meant so much to me. Please, if you read my book, let me know what you think of it! You guys are the best!


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